The WebSchedule is meant to provide a complete list of all primary courses included in the master of science programme Hydraulic Engineering. In addition, it offers the possibility to generate a personalised time table of lectures.

Up to the academic year 2017-2018, the MSc programme comprised five specialisation, two of which were divided into fields. The division into fields has been abandoned since the start of the academic year 2018-2019. The former fields have been upgraded to specialisations, leading to a set of seven specialisations and no fields. Simultaneously, the existing distinction between compulsory and recommended courses and electives has been extended with a package, as it is called in the WebSchedule. The term package refers to a group of courses (within a specialisation) from which a selection needs to be made adding up to a prescribed minimum number of credits (this number is specified in the Hyraulic Engineering Brochure).

All information regarding the programme presented in the WebSchedule is taken from the Hydraulic Engineering Brochure. It does not replace that brochure, nor can it be used instead of it. For constructing personalised lecture schedules, use is made of 'my time tables'. Please note that the personalised schedule concerns a standard week and does not include deviations from that within an educational period (quarter).

Please select from the menu on the left the programme that applies to you, depending on the academic year in which you have started your MSc.

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